Here are some frequently asked questions we get. If you can't see yours there just send us an e-mail here and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. What do I wear? NKT actively practises sun smart paddling, the water can be a place of high sun exposure. Please use sun block and wear “sun safe” clothing. Long sleeves are best. If you have a lightweight spray/wind jacket bring it along. Do I need to wear a hat? Yes, we cannot stress this strongly enough. A hat with a way of tying it to your person is even better. If you are holidaying and don’t have a hat for some reason please ask to borrow one of ours. How about Sunnies? Another must - high UV and glare call for sunnies. What about my feet? We highly recommend you wear neoprene water shoes (booties) if you have them, they are the recognised footwear for paddlers. If you don’t have them a pair of light weight old joggers or volley’s are ok, as are thongs. Do I need to bring anything? You will need a filled water bottle to stay hydrated. Our tours will provide you with a snack and refreshment.